Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't worry Ty... you'll be out of Baltimore soon enough

Ty Wigginton looks like he is in Hell.
He's not having a great year but a good year and is obviously trying hard and can play several different positions for the Orioles... a team that as of THIS writing is on on pace to go 43-119... second only to the 1962 Mets for futility in the 162 game era.

Tonight they once again got their brains beat in, 10-2, by the Giants.

THE GIANTS! A team notorious for their lack of offense got 10 runs.

The Orioles are fascinatingly bad. Since May 18th they are 4-20. They have lost 8 of Juan Samuel's first 10 games as manager... and 5 of those by 5 runs or more.

They aren't just losing, they are getting their brains bashed in.

And things can get worse! If they trade away whatever valuable veteran talent they have (like Wigginton) they could indeed give the original Mets a run for their money.

So Ty, Miguel Tejada, Luke Scott, Garret Atkins, Cesar Izturis, Jeremy Guthrie and Kevin Millwood... be patient. We'll find homes for ALL of you soon.

And Orioles fans take heart. Maybe there is another Bryce Harper or Stephen Strasburg in the 2011 draft. You guys are picking first!

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  1. I can't believe how bad they are... but it is probably because I predicted they would play good baseball this year... heck, I even said they'd make the playoffs in 2011! Sad.

  2. "The Orioles are fascinatingly bad"
    That says it all...

  3. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Perhaps from an outsider's perspective they appear "fascinatingly bad." But as an O's fan, I have to say that this team has about as much personality as a cyst. Just utterly bland, zombie-fied, characterless — which compounds the suckitude.