Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I know where LeBron James is heading... TURKEY

Oh it is a long shot... but sources close to LeBron have told the staff at Sully Baseball that no matter if you call it Istanbul or Constantinople, LeBron will call it home.

LeBron will say goodbye to Cleveland... 7 years is enough.
New York? Too crazy and too lousy a team.
New Jersey? Is there even a plan there?
The Clippers? Not as long as Sterling is there.
Miami? They can't afford Wade AND LeBron.
Chicago? Not interested in that coach.

No, he'll sign with Effes Pilsen in Istanbul and pile up the titles.

He'll make his dough and become a brand in Europe AND the Middle East.

It is the path less taken, and he'll be doing it in the land of Kings.

While I am talking about LeBron, for the past 5 years, Knicks fans have been talking about LeBron as if his arrival in Madison Square Garden was a given.

Once LeBron arrives everything will fall into place.
Any talk of rebuilding seems to be under the assumption that LeBron James will be a Knick.

What if he doesn't show?

You know a team doesn't have a good plan when their strategy for turning things around mirrors the drama company of Blaine!

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  2. A lot of people are quick in discounting the abilities of D Wade but he is still as dangerous as anybody in the NBA.