Friday, June 11, 2010

I hope Kendry Morales has Bill Gramatica's phone number

Ah yes... the celebration heard 'round the world is going to deprive the Angels of their best hitter. He's gone. He's done for the year.

Yeah I know the Angels offense has IMPROVED since he ended his season and put his career in jeopardy during a home run celebration... but that seems to be adrenaline and not ability.

They will need a first baseman better than Robb Quinlan or Mike Napoli to fill in eventually.

But Morales, this is your legacy from now on. You are Gramatica now.
I don't care if you make the All Star team, win a batting title and drive in 100 runs.

Bill Buckner did.

You will forever be the guy who "broke his leg while celebrating a home run."

Hey! It's a legacy! You know people will bring up that homer for a long long time!

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