Thursday, June 03, 2010

No Cleveland fans... Galaragga didn't bobble the ball

Cleveland fans are writing on some blogs that the call against Armando Galaragga was good one because he bobbled the ball.

An interesting piece of revisionist history (right up there with Pedro Martinez ATTACKED Don Zimmer in the 2003 ALCS.)

Um, do you know who agrees with you Cleveland fans?

Not even Jim Joyce used that as a lame excuse.

Here's the clip.

Point out where the bobble is and e mail me at info@sullybaseball.

I thought I told you Cleveland fans to stop watching sports this year!

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  1. I got into an argument this morning with some guy on Facebook (not an Indians fan) who insisted that Galarraga juggled the ball. Tried in vain to tell him that when you juggle a ball you lose possession of it, and he clearly didn't.He seems to be the only one outside of Cleveland who thought Joyce made the right call.

    Today's game in Detroit should be interesting to see, Sully. Guess who is the home plate ump?

  2. The Tigers need to get a Gallaraga Perfect Game giveaway, something to honor this great Detroit player.

  3. sam bonner4:31 AM

    Your video is gone, but yes, he bobbled the ball. It didn't stop moving in his glove long enough to be secured. Just being in the glove does not make it secure. This is exactly the same as when a shortstop or second baseman bobbles a throw at second on a double play and the runner is called safe. In a put out (forceout) situation at a base the fielder must have complete posession of the ball. It cannot be moving in the glove.

  4. 100% wrong, Sam Bonner.
    I watched the video several times. It was in his glove, never came out of his glove and at no point did he lose control of the ball.

    If a shortstop of second baseman bobbles the ball, they have no control of it. It is not in their hands nor their glove.

    That is not what happened here.

    Try again

  5. And where does it say it can't be moving IN the glove?

    That's new to me!

    Is that a new rule you just made up?

  6. I have read the official baseball rule book. The word "bobbled" does not exist in the book. However, the general idea is addressed in 2.00 Definition of terms. In the second paragraph of the definition of A CATCH it says: ""A catch is legal if the ball is finally held by any fielder, even though juggled, . . . "

    As a Cleveland fan, I acknowledge and accept that Donald was out.