Friday, June 04, 2010

Um guys... are you going to suck like this EVERY night?

Welcome to managing Juan Samuel! The Birds gave him a nice crash course. He was making pitching changes by the second inning.

And maybe by his second game they might score him a run.

As a Sox fan, I am of course thrilled that Clay Buchholz is pitching like an ace and the team is getting clutch hits.

But the caring human being in me can't help but feel bad for Juan Samuel. He's taken over the control of the Hindenburg right after the captain said "Do you smell something?"

I hope the Sox win the next two games... but this felt like beating up the kid in the wheelchair.

Have fun Samuel. It will even be more fun for you when Wigginton, Tejada and Millwood are dealt off.

Currently the Orioles are on pace to go 44-118.

Oh the humanity.
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