Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Red Sox held up THEIR end of the bargain!

The Red Sox had an uneventful win... just as I asked them to.
They didn't let up a base runner for the last three innings and it was never in doubt.

And frankly I was listening to the Red Sox game more than I was the Celtics game on my drive home.


A friend of mine (A Knicks fan) wrote to me and said "Isn't this what you want? Game 7, Lakers vs. Celtics?"

I said "NO! I wanted Game 4, Celtics sweeping the Suns!"

Ah well.

Buchholz is showing he is throwing like an ace and it is Lester's turn to regain his stuff.

And maybe the Celtics can regain some of THEIR magic.
Today was neither a teeth grinder nor a dodged bullet. I guess if you are going to lose... LOSE!

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