Thursday, June 03, 2010

I dare any writer to NOT vote Griffey into the Hall of Fame

On January, 2016, Ken Griffey Jr, the era's greatest player without a whiff of scandal to his name, will be elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

He was the best player of the 1990s and even with a decade riddled with injuries, he finished his amazing career with 10 Gold Gloves, 7 Silver Sluggers, the 1997 AL MVP and oh yeah, only Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Willie Mays hit more homers.

He'll be in on the first ballot.
But he won't be on EVERY ballot.

And that will be a disgrace.

I wrote before the fact that nobody has gotten in unanimously is literally insane. Babe Ruth didn't get in with every ballot in an earlier generation?

So a bunch of boneheaded sports writers didn't vote for Cy Young?
Some morons left Joe DiMaggio off the ballot?
Some racists (what other excuse can there be?) didn't vote for Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Bob Gibson or Hank Aaron?

Guess what? That doesn't mean YOU need to make their mistakes. You can actually help CORRECT those mstakes.

Part of how a society grows is they take what worked from the previous generation and try to fix what didn't work.

That's how there is growth... that's how there is progress... that's why we are more civilized now than we were 1,000 years ago!

Voting in Ken Griffey Jr. with 100% of the ballot doesn't mean you are saying he was better than Babe Ruth or Willie Mays or Hank Aaron or Ted Williams.

It means that YOU are a better voter than the ones who voted back then!

So I challenge ANYONE out there to tell me why Ken Griffey Jr. should NOT be voted in with 100% of the ballot!

Seriously... write your reasons to

I am DROOLING to hear why Ken Griffey Jr. shouldn't be unanimous.

If you vote for the Hall of Fame and do NOT put him on the ballot, you should be forced to defend yourself in front of a Krypton court like General Zod.

And if you can't defend yourself... then your Hall of Fame voting rights will be stripped.

Voting in a player unanimously shouldn't be a problem by 2016.

2 years earlier, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas will all be on the ballot, and as I stated in February, if you don't vote for THEM, I am stripping your voting rights.

KNEEEEEEEL Before Sully!

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  1. You know Bill Conlin will not vote for anyone.
    I also read that Lisa Olsen has turned in a blank ballot every year since she has had a voted,