Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fredi Gonzalez couldn't win with a $45 million payroll? FIRE HIM!

I seriously... he only won 87 games last year with a payroll lower than the Cubs paid for Milton Bradley, Kosuke Fukodome and Ted Lilly last year.

In 2008 he put a winning product on the field for less than Jason Giambi's salary.

But enough is enough! It's been 7 years since the Marlins have had a champion. There are 6 year old Marlin fans who are grumbling "Will the Marlins EVER win in my lifetime?"

Clearly Gonzalez was given the horses!
They have one of the 26 highest payrolls in baseball.

So that underachiever Gonzalez is gone. In comes Edwin Rodriguez... aka the next Earl Weaver... is in charge.

And appropriately enough hemade his debut in Baltimore (always a nice way to pick up and easy W which he did.)

Better keep up those winning ways, Edwin. They expect nothing but the best in Miami!

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