Friday, June 04, 2010

Good Luck, Juan Samuel

Well Dave Trembley didn't make it through the week after I wondered why he was smiling.

Going on an 8 game losing streak will always hurt your chances of staying employed. Going 3-15 since May 14th doesn't help either. May 25th was his last win as an Orioles manager,

He's out and Juan Samuel is in. If the Orioles finish with a record better than 45-117 (the pace the Birds were on under Trembley) then the move worked.

All he needs to do is go 31-78 the rest of the way and mission will be accomplished.

I know Samuel has the "interim" label on him... but let him at least finish the season. You could bring John McGraw back from the dead and this team will still lose 100 games.

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