Monday, June 28, 2010

WATCH THE KILBORN FILE! (Keep Sully employed!)

Alas The Bonnie Hunt Show is over and I still miss it... but Sully has to work and feed his kids and wife.

And guess what? I landed on two feet on the new Fox talk show The Kilborn File hosted by Craig Kilborn.

It's a fun solid 1/2 hour of comedy with headlines, a power panel, current event comedy and guests (whose interviews are produced by your pal Sully.)

But don't take MY word for it.

Check us out.

OK, back to baseball.

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  1. Congrats!!! Kilborn is great...and has been in a baseball movie too!

  2. Congrats! I miss Kilborn. I'm sure this is going to be great.

  3. Good luck with the new show, Sully! I'll be checking it out.

  4. I will check it out, saw an article about it in Entertainment Weekly as well

  5. Congratulations, Sully!

  6. I want to watch this show, alas my market does not have it. Is there anywhere on the good ol' internet to watch full episodes so that I may keep you employed? Or is there any place I can illegally download it and just give you a dollar under the table?

    Also, go Reds.

  7. Anonymous1:46 PM

    6 months from now...

    Craig: Welcome to Wendy's. And here to take your order now is my Huckleberry friend Christine Lakin!

    Chris: Would you like fries with that?