Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gee Whiz... I wonder what the mood at Fenway will be like tomorrow

Everyone in Boston is already pissed off that the Lakers came from behind and bounced the Celtics.

Now ANOTHER Los Angeles team is going to show up.

I bet if an L.A. team arrived and featured Carlton Fisk, Yaz, Larry Bird and the remains of Paul Revere, they'd still get booed.

And this one has Manny Ramirez.

Hope NESN has a seven MINUTE delay!

Now I know this is not the popular opinion for Sox fans, but I would applaud Manny.
We all waited our whole lives for that 2004 World Series title and when we got it, Manny was a big reason for its delivery.

I have a rule.
If you played for the 2004 Red Sox, I don't boo you.

I have a feeling not a lot of Sox fans have that rule.

It should be fun.

Remember, opponents of Interleague Play think tomorrow's Red Sox/Dodger match up featuring Manny Ramirez the day after the Lakers/Celtics final ended is bad for baseball.
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  1. Most Sox fans I know will be applauding Manny, Sully. I've written that he deserves a long ovation in his first at-bat for the two titles he helped bring to town, and that's it. Afterwards, he's just another enemy player. No booing, just another player trying to beat the Red Sox.

  2. I absolutely have the same rule. But I did finally start using my "Manny Being Manny" t-shirt to dye my hair in.