Monday, June 07, 2010

I hope Bryce Harper works out but...

If he flops, this whole Once Were Warriors war paint thing with his eye black will really come back to haunt him and make him look silly.

But I do hope he is all that he is advertised to be.

Having superstars in a market like Washington would be good for the game (if bad for the Orioles.)

But who knows what just happened in this draft?

The Red Sox drafted a hitter named Bryce Brentz.
Is he any good? Will he be a big leaguer?
Will he be the second best Bryce in the draft?

I don't know and neither do you?

A few years ago Red Sox fans were told Craig Hansen was going to be a great closer. Now he can't even make the Pirates team.

Will Jameson Taillon or Manny Machado be any good?
Or will people laugh at the Pirates and Orioles, knowing they could have drafted Peter Tago?

We'll not know for a few years how anyone, including the Nationals, will do.

But I find it interesting Houston drafted Delino Deshields Jr.
I must be old becaue I remember when DeLino Deshields was a promising prospect... not a father of a pro player.

(I wonder if someone will trade one of Pedro Martinez's kids for DeLino Deshields Jr?")

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  1. I didn't get to watch the draft on TV but I was just looking at the list of those drafted and I too was surprised by Delino Deshields Jr. going 8th (yes, 8th overall) to the Astros. I didn't see Deshields' name listed in any Top 25 projections that I read... crazy.

    I was also shocked to see Zack Cox stay on the board until 25th overall....

    Harper has been pampered his whole life for this moment and definitely needs to mature if he is going to become the star everyone is hyping him up to be... This is the guy who got himself ejected and suspended which helped lead to the end of Southern Nevada's JCWS run.

    Call he got ejected on...