Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hey Orioles. Keep stinking for a few more days

I am starting to feel bad for the Orioles and Dave Trembley.

I mean I poked fun at Trembley earlier this week, but I have nothing against the guy.

And NOBODY, not even Don Zimmer, deserves a stretch like this. The Orioles lost as Mariano Rivera picked up a save. Even though Rivera walked the lead off hitter and hit the next batter, there was ZERO suspense in that inning.

So it is 8 in a row and if it is possible they are playing worse than they were at the beginning of the week.

They are now on pace to go 45-117... and they don't even look like they give a damn.

Each veteran looks like they are heading to the park expected to be traded. Every young player is just happy to not be riding a bus from game to game.

They are playing worse than the Bulls when the manager, Joe Riggins, gave them the "Lollygaggers" speech.

All I ask is this... keep playing this braindead brand of baseball for 3 more games. Wait until the Red Sox leave town after Sunday.

Just have the losing streak go to 11 and THEN get your act together.

Besides, you already swept the Sox ONCE this year. That should be enough.


Your pal, Sully

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  1. Actually, that's DAVE Trembley, Sully.

    Or Captain Kirk, as I like to call him.

    Rumors are flying he might not make it to the Red Sox series. Stay tuned.