Sunday, June 13, 2010

People against Interleague Play are WRONG! Reason #2,893

Oh people spend each year writing about Interleague Play being dumb and past its worth.

And each year the people who write that look stupider and stupider.

Their reasons make less and less sense. And they are always contradicted by things like "facts" and "reality."

I know I covered a lot of this earlier when I wrote my people against interleague play are morons post, but it is now beyond opinion.

One of the insane reasons that people say Interleague Play is obsolete is the match ups.

"Who cares about the Orioles versus the Marlins?" et al. As if an Orioles versus anyone is a riveting match up.

But I bet one of the pairings that would have been ridiculed would be the Indians and the Nationals.

Starting the season, it would be a 97 loss Indians club taking on the worst team in the game. Who cares?

And even with the Nationals playing better than expected, they are two sub .500 teams with no history between each other facing off.

Two also rans between the AL team with the worst attendance in the league facing a team with one of the worst attendance numbers in the NL.

Who cares? Just another terrible Interleague Matchup.

And it will be sold out and on National TV!


Stephen Strasburg is making his second start... and he's doing it in Cleveland.

The team with the worst attendance in the game will probably be jumping and buzzing with excitement. There will be excitement in a regular season game in June.

This will be Strasburg's only trip through Cleveland until probably around 2016.

Fans want to see the phenom up close and for real. It will probably be the biggest game in Progressive Field all season long.

And it would NOT happen if not for Interleague Play.

So keep that in mind, all of you morons who say "They should get rid of Interleague Play."
You are depriving cities not only of the natural cross town rivalry games, but also those unexpected match ups that no schedule make can predict.

If you are against interleague play, I want you to watch the game in Cleveland tomorrow and say "this would be better if it were Nationals vs Diamondbacks."

Once again, the argument has no leg to stand on.

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  1. Anonymous6:37 AM

    They should get rid of Interleague Play.

    If there was none...Strasburg would be facing an NL team. And it would still be sold out and on National TV. It has ZERO to do with Interleague play.

    Let's stick to "facts" and "reality."

  2. But it is taking place in a city where he wouldn't normally pitch. If he were pitching in Arizona or Pittsburgh, there would be the chance for those fans to see him pitch next year... and the year after.

    In Cleveland he wouldn't come back until 2016.

    That is a fact.

    And this will be the biggest ticket in Cleveland in a dead year.

    That is reality.

    Try again

  3. When do the Nats come to Oakland?... I don't think they ever have up to this point... I know the Expos did, but not the Nats...

  4. Anonymous6:10 PM

    The biggest problem with inter-league play is that division rivals play different inter-league opponents. It will probably cost the twins first place while the white sox clean up on their easier schedule.

    I like the old days of balanced schedules.

  5. I prefer the balance schedule as well... but Interleague Play gives baseball a nice jolt in what used to be the dead months of late May and June

  6. Anonymous8:30 AM

    If they're not willing to trash this dumb sport, they should just shorten the season and make one league. What the fuck does "interleague" play even mean anymore? Anybody can play anybody - make it like the NFL.