Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ahhhh that Yankee middle relief

The day seemed perfect in the Bronx.
Yogi and Larsen were there for the first pitch.

Jets flew over the Stadium.

The sky was bright.

The house was packed.

Posada homered and new memories were all ready to be made as the tense 1-1 game seemed to be heading for a spectacular conclusion.

And when the game ended, the joint was half empty and the fans seemed indifferent as they wandered off.

What could have happened in between?

Oh yeah... the Yankees had to use their middle relievers. And before you could say "Bridge to Mariano" a 1-1 game was 10-1.

I'm not 100% why both Edwar Ramirez and Phil Coke needed to be used in the 6th and why neither could pitch the 7th. But this will no doubt bring out the "Joba to the bullpen" chant again.

Either way, you know that when it was 1-1, someone at YES thought "Oh if this ends with a Jeter walk off, we are going to show this game on a loop."

You know Michael Kaye already practiced his call of the homer.

So now the Yankees need at least one reliever... a reserve infielder... and an outfielder to back up Swisher now that Nady is gone.

Man, $200 million just doesn't buy what it used to.

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