Friday, April 17, 2009

The great irony of the Yankees game today

The Yankees middle relievers bailed out Joba Chamberlain.

Isn't that odd?

I think the Yankees need to both start and relieve Joba.

Hell, have him get 162 appearances a year!


  1. Are you sure you aren't a closet Yankees fan? You sure write about NY it because Boston is terrible so far, and there isn't much to brag about? Maybe it's the curse of their new road hat. You certainly can't cry about the Bambino's curse anymore! Maybe Mannywood threw a hex on the BoSox after he left last years. Does that mean another 86 more years without WS title for Boston? Today's Yankee win was pure beauty with the 5 homers, Jeter hitting the go ahead dinger and Mo closing it out...and you focus on Joba? Come on Sully, give the cred where it's due!

  2. Junior, like all Yankee fans who lost your indentity that glorious fall of 2004 (that has two meanings for the Bronx team) you love to go to the "86 year" well.

    That ended 5 seasons (and two World Series titles ago).

    Look, I know you loved chanting 19-18 and having a sense of superiority... but it is time to come to grips with the fact that taunting 86 years is like saying to Brad Pitt "You looked awkward during puberty."

    Fine... but that's the past.

    In case you forgot, it didn't take 86 years to win another title. It took 3. And that was only 2 seasons ago.

    Since the greatest post season comeback in baseball history the Red Sox have won 2 World Series and three other playoff series.

    The Yankees have won zilch. That's fewer than the Mets... the Rockies.. the Diamonbacks... the Rays.... the A's....

    As for the Mannywood Hex, wouldn't you love that? Then Yankee fans would have an Identity again!

    Provided you guys continue to spend $200 million a year and forge things like "a bench" and "relievers" and "depth" you should be safely a first round and out team for a while!

    But seeing you love to live in the past, I will say this to be fair:

    The Yankees were no doubt the greatest team of the 20th Century.
    Nobody came close to the titles. Nobody came close to the tradition.

    It was an awesome achievement.

    And in THIS century, the Yankees are tied with the second most number of titles.

    Guess who is in first!

    Have fun watching those black and white clips

  3. Sully
    I can't argue your points, Till the Yankees win another tittle and then start winning multiple tittles there is nothing us Yankee fans can really say,