Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I DEMAND to hear from all WBC fans today

Seriously. Where are you today?

Junior! You are a faithful reader!

Here, I'll give you a plug. Click this link and you'll get Junior's blog.

Now write in! I want you to tell me how great Bud Selig's little tournament is.

Tell me how wonderful for baseball it is and that you really REALLY got into it. You said you'd rather see the USA win the WBC than your Yankees win the Division.

Do you still think that? Do you replay the games in your head?

Or have you completely forgotten what happened because it was f---king Spring Training!

Well, I'm glad that Bud Selig got an opportunity to have a few Dutch and South African players play. 

I'm sure he's thrilled to have the Koreans and Japanese have a wonderful final game in Dodger Stadium. (I am assuming it was a wonderful game. I didn't watch it.)

Well Daisuke Matsuzaka is on the Disabled List with arm fatigue. Your arm shouldn't be tired BEFORE you file your taxes!!!!

Why is his arm tired?

Oh yeah... he was throwing full speed before he should have been. He was participating in some stupid, meaningless, contrived, moronic and completely forgettable fake tournament!

Seriously... tell me I'm wrong! Tell me that the WBC is great! Tell me that it is baseball's answer to the World Cup or the Olympics.

All I know is the Sox lost their 18 game winner who is going to cash $8 million in checks. I don't know for how long he'll be gone.

But in four years, if the ironically named World Baseball Classic is back, I truly hope that all 30 GMs forbid their players from participating.

Where are you, apologists?

I have a feeling I am not going to hear from many.


  1. Remind me Sully, was there a WBC last year? As I recall Matsuzaka spent time on the DL in 2008 with exactly the same "injury". I find it a little below you to blame this one the WBC just to make a point about an event you don't like.

  2. No there wasn't a WBC last year.

    And remind me, how did he do in April?

    Oh yeah. He went 4-0

    And remind me how did he do in May?

    Oh yeah he went 4-0

    Yup he spent June on the DL, with an 8-0 record and a 2.53 ERA

    And when he came back, yes he had a rouch first outting back... but he was 18-2 with a 2.80 ERA over 28 starts before losing the last meaningless game against the Yankees.

    Not quite as meaningless as the WBC.

    But to equate his start last season with his start THIS season is as insane as saying "Wow! This WBC is awesome!"

  3. Sorry, you won't get an apologist here! I still completely stand by my WBC support and statements made about the WBC. I hope that you aren't going to blame Ichiro's15-day DL stomach ulcers on the WBC!!! I really appreciate your determination on this matter and for plugging my blog on your site. I only ask one favor of you Sully...please attend a game or two in the 2013 WBC. You too will get caught up in the international play, the sense of national pride, and the magic of the WBC. If the tourney exists again in 2013, it should be easily accessible from our neck of the woods. As in the past two WBCs, I bet that some games will be played at either Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, or Petco...easy commutes from South Pas for you my friend. Check out the postings on my blog to see some of my pics and read about my love for the WBC.

  4. Sully, in your fervor to make your point, you missed mine: the shoulder was bad BEFORE the WBC.

  5. Just be glad the Dice-K got his routine annual arm fatigue earlier this season, before things really start to matter. You should thank the WBC for helping your team out!!

  6. BSU... so let me get this straight.

    You think the best thing to do with a pitcher with a pre existing arm condition is have him pitch at full speed before having a full spring training.

    Is your recommendation for someone with a hamstring pull to start doing windsprints?

    And Junior, I am sure the games are fun to attend.
    I've been to Spring Training Games... they are fun.

    I also enjoy watching batting practice.

    I'd rather watch actual games

  7. Of course you are the expert on how a player prepares for his appearance in the WBC, but I find it highly unlikely that Dice-K went in without having thrown a pitch since October. To say that he didn't train or prepare at all seems ridiculous. Guys may throw a little harder, but the number of pitches that they are throwing in the opening rounds are similar to what they would throw in early Spring Training start. I just can't believe that the Red Sox or Dice-K or anyone else would allow an underprepared athlete to jeopardize his career if he wasn't ready. Your blaming this injury on the WBC is thin in logic and really a weak complaint from a shameless Sox fan.

  8. I am indeed a shameless Red Sox fan

    And you are right... his being put on the DL with Arm Fatigue before the Patriots Day game had nothing to do with his participating in a fake stupid meaningless tournament.

    Good call

  9. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that Dice-K may have other issues, not related to the WBC. Check out this Tom Verducci article:

  10. Appeal to authority is a logical fallacy.

  11. Actually, it is only a fallacy when the authority is not a legitimate authority on the subject. When the person is an authority it's called evidence. I would say that Tom Verducci is a baseball authority.

  12. Nice response

    I disagree with Tom Verducci

    And I am always right

    Glad we sorted that out

  13. (In truth, that WAS a nice response)

  14. Then we agree to disagree, but I want you to wait 4 years to bash the WBC again :) By that time Dice-K's arm will have completely disintegrated.

    BTW. . .don't you think it would be a good idea for the Sox to acquire Jeff Clement from Seattle. They did pretty well last time they picked up an M's catcher!