Thursday, April 30, 2009

How many more bombshells can there BE about A-Rod?

I was on the treadmill this morning, trying to get my body to a better place while not moving.

On the ESPN News Ticker there was a headline that said "New A-Rod Bombshell."

NEW Bombshell?

What is left to bomb?

Did he punch out Susan Boyle?

Is he responsible for the pandemic?

Did he raise the Subway fare?

Nope. It turns out he may have done 'roids as a high school player and as a Yankee, he plays a lot of poker, tips poorly at Hooters and tipped pitches to the opposition.

This is a bombshell?

We've had strippers, Madonna, injecting stuff into his butt, a public divorce and kissing his own image! This is barely a sparkler!

Wait! His teammates nicknamed him B*tch T*ts?

Now THAT is a bombshell!

Seriously, with A-Rod... anything short of a homicide at this point isn't a bombshell.

The next bombshell had better be an actual bombshell!!!

Meanwhile... back to baseball.


  1. To me the Pitch tipping is the potential big story. If that is proved true we could be looking at a ban from baseball. and if it proven he used as a Yankee he will be suspended. Saying all of that there seems to be an organized effort to get this guy.

  2. crosetti329:51 PM

    I'm so over A-rod.....can't believe the Yanks once has Lowell in their system. They'd be so much better off with a gamer like Mike.

  3. I think they still had Brousis playing for him at the time, If they only knew them, Lowell would have been the 3B since 2002, Lowell has 3 rings, 1 with the marlins and 2 with the BoSox.

  4. What an obvious attempt to have Susan Boyle come up in a google search to pad your view stats!

    I'm watching you SullyBball. always watching!

    - mushnick