Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Rivalry Begins Again...

How strange is it that I am more pumped about going into the Trop than into the Bronx?

But it's true. It is indeed a rivalry now... as I hoped it would be last June.

And why wouldn't my juices be flowing more?

The Rays have two things I want hanging in their rafters. The Division and League pennants for 2008. (Again, why both?)

What do they have in the Bronx?
A new Stadium with no history, no tradition and no fans in the good seats!

But guess what the Rays don't have?

ALCS Hero and Red Sox slayer David Price.

He's down on the farm so the Rays can save a few bucks in 2014.

That's fine by me. The Sox are on a roll... let's put the Devil back into the Rays!

1 comment:

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