Monday, April 13, 2009

Aces low

First of all, so much for that whole "Tampa Bay will not be able to hold their own with the Red Sox and Yankees" theory.

After tonight's asswhuppin', the Rays are 3-1 against the two bullies on the block.

But what is really disturbing for the Yankees and the Red Sox is how lousy both Chien-Ming Wang and Jon Lester have looked.

Yeah yeah yeah it's early.

But Wang's 3 2/3 inning 7 run monstrosity in Baltimore was a solid performance compared to today's shelling in Tampa.

And Lester has taken the Red Sox out of the game early in back to back games. 

What I am saying is... for all of you people who don't want the Red Sox and Yankees in the playoffs... if they can't count on Lester or Wang, you might get your wish.

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