Thursday, April 30, 2009

Triple Take

Bengie Molina tripled last night. That was more stunning than the Arlen Specter defection.

Glaciers can outrun Bengie Molina.

I would expect Spider-Man 2 star ALFRED Molina to get a triple before Bengie Molina.

He's not a lock to score if he is on third with two outs and the hitter gets a double.

And he got three bags? I don't care how badly Juan Pierre played it... I can't imagine LUPUS playing a flyball poorly enough for Molina to hit a triple.

Here's what's even more stunning:

It's not his first career triple.

He hit two in 2000 with the Angels.

One on May 30th, 2000 in Cleveland. He tripled to left center off of Dave Burba. Richie Sexson was in left and Kenny Lofton in center. 

Then on September 7th, 2000 in Detroit, he tripled to left center in the 9th off of Doug Brocail. Bobby Higginson was in left and Rich Becker was in center.

He hit one in 2006 while with the Blue Jays.

On August 17, 2006 at Tampa, Molina tripled to right in the second inning off of Scott Kazmir. Russell Branyan was the right fielder.

Then on May 23, 2007 as a member of the Giants, he tripled to right center field off of Houston's Rick White at AT&T Park. Hunter Pence was the centerfielder and Orlando Palmeiro was in right.

And then last night.

So let Sully Baseball salute Bengie Molina. You are only 304 triples behind Hall of Famer Sam Crawford's all time career mark.

As for Juan Pierre, Hunter Pence, Orlando Palmeiro, Russell Branyan, Rich Becker, Bobby Higginson, Richie Sexson and Kenny Lofton, the outfielders who let Bengie leg out three... I hope you are all proud!


  1. Not that anyone cares, But one summer we played sandlot ball, I was the slowest and weakest kid there. I was about 16. I hit 4 triples in 6 games,by hitting it right over 1st base all the way to the fence and I just kept running as no one thought I would try so they just jogged to get the ball and just lobbed the ball in. Also I stole 3 bases in a no stealing rules by taking huge leads and allowing myself to be picked off, I just ran to 2nd as the pitcher made his move, I made them Hold me on and that opened up the right side and the kid hitting after me was real good with the bat. It sure was fun for me as the kid that was picked last and placed on the team who lost the coin toss.

  2. Chris C3:12 PM

    Looks like John Buck went one better with TWO triples in one game tonight. Increasing his career total from 3 to 5. Go Royals.

  3. he is the most undrrated catcher in the game, it was total bullshit he didnt make the all-star team last year and he should make it this year. but stupid fans vote for people they know not people who deserve it. why do you think giants staff is so good? anyway nothing against you, just wanted to rant.