Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Worst... Red Sox... Uniform... EVER

They wore these to honor Earth Day?

I think throwing sytrofoam into the mouth of a whale would be a less cringeworthy display than these duds. (Both meanings.)

They were so ugly I didn't want to watch the many highlights.

Yeah Jeff Bailey hit a homer his first time up.
Yeah Big Papi got yet another extra base RBI hit.
Yeah Brad Penny got his second win.
Yeah the Red Sox winning streak is up to 7 and they go into the Yankee series with an identical record as New York and with a world of confidence.

So what?

The uniforms were awful.

They were basically polo shirts with the collars removed.

Plant a bunch of trees and give everyone a reusable bag. But let the Red Sox wear Red Sox uniforms... PLEASE! Weren't those green uniforms for Red Auerbach horrible enough?

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  1. Quite possibly your greatest single line ever.