Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gee Whiz, Mets

Nice four game losing streak. Think this will come back to haunt them?
Gee I wonder if this patchwork rotation will hold up until... May?

One way to avoid falling apart in September is to get out to a decent start... and right now the only hope the Mets are giving are to Marlins fans!

And nice to see Omar Minaya moving away from acquiring old broken down players. Livan Hernandez?

What, Gaylord Perry wasn't available?

Maybe someone will tell me how Omar Minaya still has a job. It didn't make sense to me last year and this year it seems like he has assembled yet another team with lots of parts that don't fit!

I wonder if Jerry Manuel will take the fall for this team if they don't pull it together. (And just wait until Frankie Rodriguez starts blowing saves!)

But don't worry... the Mets are playing the Nationals. That will turn things around for them.

They've NEVER had trouble beating the Nationals when they needed a win.

Oh wait.


  1. Anonymous4:35 AM


    Get real. The very best you can do is reference the Mets in 2007 when talking about the Nationals???

    Dude, I used to think that you were MILDLY amusing. A fat no talent fool from the lucky sperm club who had the ability to say something funny once in a while.

    Tell us again about that Red Sox dynasty....

    Good luck pal.

  2. Um, I talked about a Red Sox dynasty?
    I picked them to win the Wild Card this year and not make it out of the Division Series

    And isn't the ability to say something funny once in a while kind of a talent.

    As for the fat... I'm working on it.