Saturday, April 11, 2009


Not Tim Wakefield's performance.
He didn't pitch badly... he just had that one lousy inning.

But the new terrible alternate hats were disgraceful.

I guess the red "B" was just too damn popular, traditional and awesome.

They had to bust out dangling Red socks.

And with the new alternate blue jerseys they just looked like a Gulf Coast League team.

My wife was watching the game with me and said "The blue's don't even go together! They look like someone who went on the road, lost the pants to their suit and tried to find a matching pair of pants... and the colors don't quite match."

That's a pretty horrible insult from the Mrs.


  1. Yeah, that's not really a great logo to put on a cap. Now, if they had put the '50s style bug-eyed sock monster on a cap, that would be incredible. I'm not fond of the Braves' new blue formerly-alternate-but-now-road uniforms, so I feel your pain.

  2. The Sox should stay Classy and stick with the traditional Uniforms and Caps.
    I feel the Red Sox and Yankees and Dodgers should stay old School