Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Detailed Tally Board

Because I am crazy, I decided to keep a more detailed tally of the DODGED A BULLET Games and the I'M PISSED OFF Games.

This way at the end of the year when I take a look at the Red Sox and wherever they ended up, we can have an accurate memory of the games.

And I need to create a uniform definition for the games and also pick a category name that doesn't include on of George Carlin's 7 words. So I've changed "I'm Pissed Off Game" to "Teeth Grinder Game."

A DODGED A BULLET GAME is a game where the Red Sox looked lifeless and were trailing by either a large margin early or were 3 outs from losing and then won.

A TEETH GRINDER GAME (a.k.a. "I'm Pissed Off Game") is either a game where the Red Sox had in control early, had a late lead or many chances to score in extra innings and still lose. Also any game where Javier Lopez pitches.

So here is the Tally Board... which will be updated throughout the year.

April 30th Tally


April 17 - 10-8 win against Orioles. (Overcame 7-0 deficit.)
April 24 - 5-4 win against Yankees. (Bay homers off of Rivera in 9th to tie it.)
April 25 - 16-11 win against Yankees. (Overcame 6-0 deficit.)
April 29 - 6-5 win at Cleveland. (Overcame 5-0 deficit.)


April 14 - 6-5 loss at Oakland. (Sox blow early 3-0 lead. Lose in 12)
April 28 - 9-8 loss at Cleveland. (Sox blow early 5-1 lead. Lopez drops 3rd out.)

So far the Red Sox are +2... which ain't bad.

I am going to update the list... and hopefully the top list will remain longer!

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