Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fascinating debate

Are the Marlins really this good, or are they piling up wins because they are playing the rancid Nationals?

Are the Nationals really this bad, or are they piling up losses because they are playing the terrific Marlins?

Either way, I found yesterday and today's games to be fascinating and made the answers to those questions even harder to find.

All I know is if you had Jeremy Hermida on your fantasy team, you are happy.
Any time you can hit a 9th inning three run homer to tie the game and then another three run homer to WIN the same game in the 11th... you know you are making some Fantasy Owner happy.

Listening to Rob Dibble call the game and belittle the Nationals fans make subscribing to worth it.

Soon the Nationals won't be playing the Marlins and vice versa... maybe we'll see what kind of teams they are then.


  1. My Fantasy Team is the Yankees winning again.

  2. All I know is I am the one guy in Yahoo that has Austin Kearns on my team and am enjoying it.