Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gary Sheffield's 500 homer! A great moment in Mets history!

Mets fans you have chills, don't you?

A guy connected to the BALCO scandal came to the Mets because the Tigers would rather pay over $10 million dollars than have him sit on their bench.

And in his 6th game he strokes a homer and reaches a milestone watered down over the past era where his name will be forever linked.

Generations will get chills just thinking about it, won't they?

Hell, it isn't even the most memorable homer of the night!

Jason Kubel's slam was the highlight of the night.

I guess it is appropriate that he hit the homer off of the Brewers... the team he came up with and the team he played himself off of.

Also it's the team that Bernie Mac played for in Mr. 3,000

Maybe now he has his 500 homers and will retire.

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