Saturday, April 25, 2009

So Zack Greinke is awesome now?

I just wanted to make sure my facts were straight.

I knew Greinke (I think that is the right spelling) is talented. But I know have to put "awesome" in his description?

He had a 38 scoreless inning streak end tonight but is 4-0, he had a 0.00 ERA this year (the run was unearned tonight) and threw his second complete game of the year tonight.

He's going to be a Cy Young contender, isn't he?

I guess he is.

Just not sure when that happened. Maybe I was paying too much attention to the Red Sox and Yankees and not the Kansas City Royals... a team that is actually in first place.


  1. Love the blog, Sully. Cards fan living in the deep south. But I always love reading the thoughts of a fellow baseball aficionado. Great writing.

    And yes, Zach Greinke is now awesome. Who knew?

  2. i knew. that's why i drafted him high in my fantasy league. he's been my best pitcher, by far.