Sunday, April 19, 2009

I will give the Yankees and Joe Girardi some credit

Yes, the Yankees have had two blow out losses in the New Stadium.

Yes, the Yankees had a humiliating Stadium opener and then had an ungodly 14 run inning in the national broadcast Saturday.

Yes, the first regular season series at New Yankee Stadium, the home team was outscored 40-18.

Yes, the Yankees network is called YES.

BUT... they didn't lose the series. After both horrific "Bring in Swisher" losses, the Yankees bounced back to win the next game.

And both times, the Yankees were behind with a humiliating starting pitching scenario staring at them.

After the 10-2 Stadium opener, the next day Joba Chamberlain was knocked out in the 5th inning... but the Yankees came back to win, thanks to Jeter's homer.

After the 22-4 wreckage, the Yankees were being stymied by Carl Pavano of all people. Having Pavano win a game in the New Stadium before a Yankee starter would have been the insult to the many injuries.

But give Girardi (and fellow former World Champs Jeter, Posada and Rivera) credit. They came back and made sure the series was a wash.

Take it a step back and the Yankees won the next two games after the 15-5 drubbing by the Rays in their home opener.

Now a cynic or Yankee hater will point out that including the opening day drubbing of Sabathia, in the first 13 games of the season, the Yankees already have four losses that can be described as humiliating.

But giving them credit, with all of that humiliation, they still have a winning record.

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  1. All this weekend proved was that the Yankees aren't a TOTAL disaster. Just partly one...