Friday, September 03, 2010

A disturbing stat for Yankee haters

For those of us who are saying "Oh please don't have the Yankees repeat this year" (and it isn't just Red Sox fans saying that), I figured out something that refers the Schadenfreude of watching the Yankees blow a game.

The Yankees are on a roll now, winning 7 in a row despite no A-Rod and uncertainty in their rotation.

And they still aren't blowing games. Sure they've lost a few, including 13 in a not bad but not stellar August.

But they don't blow games late. Yes, Mariano Rivera lost a game to Texas in August, but that game was tied.

The Yankees haven't lost a game where they led in the 8th inning or later since Joba Chamberlain coughed up 4 runs against the Mariners on July 10th.

That was BEFORE the All Star break.

So for those of us hoping to see the Yankees drop a heart breaker, it just isn't happening.

(Maybe they'll be due for a face plant in October! A petty Sox fan can dream, can't he?)

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