Sunday, May 17, 2009

You didn't think the Yankees would be bad all year, did you?

Seriously, did you think they were going to be a sub .500 team all year?

Why don't people see patterns?

Last December I pointed out that everyone panicked when the Yankees were signing all the free agents that they ALWAYS sign big players and it hasn't panned out since the 2000 season.

And let me point out that they had a sub .500 record on June 4th last year.
They were a sub .500 team on July 7th of 2007.
They were a sub .500 team on June 14 of 2005.

Three of the four seasons before this one they were sub .500 after June 1 and each of them finished with winning seasons. '05 and '07 finished in the playoffs.

Nobody seems to remember this. Everyone panics or gloats as if nobody has ever seen the Yankees start like this before, just like people panics or gloats when they lose in October and everyone panics and gloats when they sign a big free agent in the off season.

It's like everyone turns into Tom Hanks' Mr. Short Term Memory when it comes to the Yankees.

I picked the Yankees to win the Division.
I stand by that pick.

Don't be surprised. It's kind of the same old same old.

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  1. I think A-Rod is the biggest reason the Yanks are winning again. Which is a huge blow to those who've made a cottage industry out of hating him.