Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nice job, Todd Tichenor

Seriously, way to put your stamp on a game.

There was a close play at the plate (which this Red Sox fan will admit looked like he had blown in the Boston's favor.) Mike Redmond had a legitimate beef and you threw up out almost instantly.

Do you know how many times Redmond has been tossed in his 12 year big league career? None.

So we are of course dealing with a notorious hothead!

So good job having a short fuse with him and the manager Ron Gardenhire too.

Make sure the interim manager had to use Mauer at catcher and remove the DH.

And the next inning, good job tossing Varitek in about 2 second right after he clubbed two homers (and Francona for good measure.)

Isn't it fun to see a young power tripping umpire put his thumb print all over the game?
Besides, always remember the fans pay good money to see the umpires!


  1. Amen to that.

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    You're absolutely right, Sully. This hothead ump needs to be looked into. I'd be suprised if MLB doesn't look into him. I'm not even taking sides.

  3. It looks like Tichenor is a "Double Tosser" (as they would say down under):

    From Sporting News Aug 7, 2008:

    "Padres Black, Colbert ejected after double switch"

    New York (AP) - An attempted double switch by the San Diego Padres resulted in a double ejection.

    "Manager Bud Black and bench coach Craig Colbert were tossed in the eighth inning of Thursday's 5-3 loss to the New York Mets after plate umpire TODD TICHENOR misinterpreted a hand signal and wouldn't allow a double switch..."

    Well, let's hope that Todd gets many hand signals by minor league, legion, babe ruth and pee-wee fans over the coming years!

  4. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Im not even a Boston or twins fan. I'm a tigers fan and I watched the game. And I agree 100%. This ump still has a lot of learning to do before he handles MLB full time. They need to send him right back to AAA and fire his teachers.

  5. I don't think we'll see him any time in the near future after that display. By the 3rd ejection he looked like he was working on his MOVE...ala T.O. Umps like that are bad for the game and should be TOSSED themselves...same goes for a few REFS in the NBA

  6. Todd is a great guy! You have no clue what the player or manager said to him.

  7. You may be right.
    And you are right that I don't know what was said.

    What I DO know is that he tossed Redmond out almost instantly on a play that it looked like he blew (ergo he had a beef.)

    How's about letting the guy say a word or two on a play that could have gone either way before running another team's catcher?

    What would have happened if Mauer got hurt? Or Kotteras for the Red Sox?

    If Redmond or Varitek were really showing him up, I'd understand... but he took control of the game and anyone with a pair of eyes saw he ejected a catcher WAYYY too quickly.

    And as I said before, it was a catcher who had NEVER been ejected in 12 big league seasons. It's not like he was tossing a hothead like Carlos Zambrano or my boy Kevin Youkilis.

    If you know the guy, tell him to count... to... ten.

  8. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Purdy - tell that "great guy" Todd to take up a new career - this one isn't working for him or anyone else. At the very least, maybe remind him that absolutely nobody at the dome today bought tickets to see him. What a putz.

  9. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Watch the replay and especially Tichenor's jaw under the mask. It looked to me like he said something to Varitek and that's what set him off, not the pitch call itself. Varitek was throwing the ball back to Beckett and stopped shot as if he was surprised at something the ump said. I wish Varitek would let us know what angered him, but I doubt he'll say anything more.

  10. Purdy - remind him that the $15,000 minor league umpire paycheck is only a few more scenes like this away away. I know lots of "great guys" who love their mom, apple pie and America, but who I would not want fixing my toilet.

  11. Rachel7:27 PM

    Josh Beckett should have been the one ejected, if anyone. Redmond didn't need to ejected so fast, I agree with you there. Gardenhire and Francona both wanted to be, and wanted to be before their players did.
    This umpire is a moron. I hope he isn't around much longer.

    Oh, and about Tek.. you can't argue balls and strikes.
    I'd like to what the umpires say... haha

  12. BA Papi7:39 PM

    I counted how long before Red-dog got thrown out once he went over to Todd right after the call. 3 seconds. 3 seconds!!! no time for an argument. I was shocked Red-dog got tossed so quickly. That was pure and utter bull I don't matter who you are. Oh and go Twins!

  13. Rachel7:55 PM

    I'd like to correct my post.
    I'd like to know what the MANAGERS and PLAYERS say

    And I also say Go Twins!

  14. Ok he did toss redmond pretty quickly... but throwing equipment is a red flag to any umpire... being a AA umpire who attended wendelstedt (by the way the same school todd tichenor attended) i know this from experience, we are taught that thrown equipment is not to be tolerated, especially in protest to a call. No we don't know what redmond said, but what we do know is he was arguing a JUDGMENT CALL read the MLB rules and it states the punishment for this is IMMEDIATE ejection or a warning may be issued if the situation merits. Gardenhire came out to argue the play or ejection, tichenor gave him his say, he began to argue UMPIRE JUDGMENT again, in arguing that he was quick to eject Redmond. On to varitek, yes this is a lot of ejections, once again, arguing judgment calls, catchers get a lot of slack from umpires, as long as they don't look at us to argue balls and strikes we are usually ok with it, if they turn around it's an immediate warning, especially whlen arguing balls and strikes, when they continue and PULL OFF THEIR MASK in this situation, they are ejected on the spot, that is unacceptable. Francona comes out, once again we don't know whether to argue balls and strikes, my guess is that is what it was seeing as he came out before varitek was ejected, and follows varitek to the bench shortly after. Some umpires handle situations differently, personally i like to keep as many people in the game as possible and move on, when the arguing impedes the progress of the game to a certain point, i begin to eject, but rarely does this happen (well since I stopped umpiring little league). I stand behind tichenor 110% in this situation, the game began to get out of hand and he handled it, according to the rules of the game, umpire judgment is never up for discussion, EVER. In the future MLB coaches will see this umpire carries zero tolerance for arguing umpire judgment and respond accordingly, personally if you double clutch throwing the ball back to the pitcher, and then jump up, rip your mask off, then yell at me, you've just bought yourself a one way ticket to the clubhouse, no ifs ands or buts about it. Remember umpires put their pants on the same way as the rest of the world, treat them with respect and the same will be returned.

  15. oh and murphy you forgot to include this in your post about tichenor ejecting black from the padres... "According to crew chief Gerry Davis, Black gave the wrong hand signal for the maneuver he wanted."

  16. Anonymous10:42 PM

    this guy is a punk

  17. Anonymous11:00 PM

    "In the future MLB coaches will see this umpire carries zero tolerance for arguing umpire judgment and respond accordingly, personally if you double clutch throwing the ball back to the pitcher, and then jump up, rip your mask off, then yell at me"

    In the future, we hopefully won't be seeing the egotistical asshole in the bigs...
    Varitek, DID NOT take his mask off until AFTER he was ejected... Varitek was protecting his pitcher... If you listen closely, after Beckett reacts to a BAD call, the umpire yells out to him... Sounds like he says "Shut your mouth!" or something to that effect... Varitek double clutched the throw as Tichenor was yelling at Beckett... Varitek is about as proffesional as you can get behind the plate, as is Redmond... This guy was way out of line... Not to mention his strike zone was $hit all day...
    Hopefully he will be on one of your AA umpiring crews any day now and you guys can talk about how unfair the world is to umpires...

  18. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Bottom line, the call is made, shut your mouth. Good for Todd Tichenor! The players need to take responsibility for themselves.

  19. Greg Lee12:28 AM

    As there are head-case players who freak out, there are head-case umps too. They make a bad call, are called out on it, and, embarrassed, they toss the guy. Then, still thinking about it, they lose focus and make ANOTHER bad call, and before you know it, half of both teams are in the showers.

    In my fantasy world, the other umps on the field recognize this and just pull a Crimson Tide (the movie), where they temporarily relieve the home plate ump of his duties due to impaired ability to command. The game would be back under control, plus the whole thing would be pretty entertaining to watch... "I'm sorry Tim. Give me the count-keeper thingy."

  20. Anonymous6:46 AM

    The problem is antagonistic umpires. The other day, Zambrano was hot & likely would've been tossed anyway, but the umpire leaned into him, obviously hoping contact would be made. Tichenor barked at Beckett, starting the whole thing. Umpires aren't supposed to start these things. When players start them, umpires should finish them. You can say that Beckett was showing him up with the shout of frustration after not getting the call, but the umpire knows how tough a day he's having behind the plate - he shouldn't be so proud of it. If he really thought that he had had such a consistent strike zone throughout the afternoon, then I just don't know what. Umpires, as many have pointed out, are not the main attraction. Nobody came out to see you Todd Tichenor

  21. Anonymous6:59 AM

    If todd is a nice guy, he's a nice guy with a power complex. Send him back down or dump him all together. He should be in show business because he obviously wants to be a star.

  22. Rachel7:36 AM

    Seriously, bringing up the fact that Redmond "threw his equipment"?

    It was just his mask.. and he didn't really throw it. You see that ALL the time when catchers are pissed about a call. And it's not like Redmond is a notorious hothead. He should have just gotten a warning, since it was just a few seconds.
    All arguments are about "judgement calls"

    And Tek was arguing balls and strikes, and THAT'S an immediate ejection.

    Both managers I'm sure WANTED to get ejected, so I'm not even going to argue that.

    And you think the game was getting out of hand?!? You're an idiot. It didn't get even a bit out of hand until Tek started arguing balls and strikes. You see lots of catchers argue balls and strikes and not get the boot. Redmond could not have done that much in 2 seconds. Tichenor was the one that made it get out of hand.
    And if you're an AA ump like you say, with an attitude like that, you'll probably stay there

  23. Rachel7:41 AM

    Oh.. and seriously, Ron Gardenhire getting a longer argument than Mike Redmond also sends up red flags.

  24. Anonymous8:18 AM

    In 3 seconds Red couldn't have even been warned to shut up. This ass-clown was on a complete power trip trying to make a name for himself. I have taken worse than that from Little League PLAYER, let alone parents.

    Congratulations Todd, you made SportsCenter, now go fade back into oblivion.

  25. Anonymous10:04 AM

    redmond apparently said I got him I got him.

  26. Anonymous10:50 AM

    As a Twins fan, I couldn't believe the pitch to Harris that was called ball. Looked like a beautiful breaking ball that should have been called strike three.

    Beckett had every reason to get upset with that call.

    I think I'm like any other fan, in that we don't care what size or shape the strike zone is, as long as it's called the same for both sides.


  27. You'll enjoy the Blitz' take on this showboat.

  28. Anonymous2:21 PM

    purdy ur an idiot. hes a major league umpire. what could they have said to hurt his feelings with the 3 words they said before he threw them out. ive seen little league umpires handle more than that. this guy needs to be taken out of the game for a year so he can grow a pair and toughen up

  29. Anonymous2:24 PM

    rachel- argueing balls and strikes isnt an auto ejection. since when couldnt u question a call?

  30. Anonymous2:58 PM

    go back to umping little league douglas. the game never got out of hand

  31. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I don't recall who said it, but an umpire once stated the best umpires are those who do their job and the fans never learn your name. Well by that definition, Todd Tichenor must be the worst umpire ever. I am a MLB ticket subscriber and watched this game yesterday. I am not a fan of either team, but I am shocked that a AAA fill in would feel so big for his britches to pull off 4 ejections. This guy should head for showers for good.

  32. bruce4:12 AM

    I personally know todd and he is the greatest guy I know. Always there to lend a hand when you need help. His father passed away when he was young and his only dream was to be a big league umpire. He worked hard to get there and endured very low pay in the minor leagues for ten plus years to learn his craft. This guy you all have known for 15 seconds shouldn't even have to be defended. He's an excellent person, father, friend, and umpire. Both players were legitamately ejected according to the rules and not in one instance did I see todd have a hot head. In fact I've known him for over twenty years and have never even seen him have a hot head or an ego. What happened is what happened i personally think he got it right in ejected the players and managers when he did for one reason. If you usurp the power of the umpire then the game will disintegrate. and umpires are human so deal with it and let it go.

  33. Bruce,

    #1 - If this had happend in a game without the Sox or Yankees in, it probably would have gone un-noticed, except by his crew and the locals.

    #2 - If this had happened in Yankee Stadium, and the Yankee catcher came close to tagging him out, he would have called him out. Players as well as umpires get intimidated in that zoo.

    #3 - If this had been a playoff game or the World Series - you are saying that he would do the same thing; and that is a load of BS! To pull Mauer into the battery on his day off behind the plate - and take a teams DH away because the catcher believed he tagged the runner out on a perfect throw? To toss a guy who has gone 12 years without being tossed from a game? If you believe that, you are on drugs.

    #4 - If the exact same circumstances occured tomorrow, he would not do the same thing. He blew it, and he knows he blew it. His crew let him know that - one way or another.

    No veteran umpire would have done this.

  34. Rachel8:21 AM

    Anonymous- since you didn't say your name:

    Read rule 9.02a

    He left his position by getting up.. therefore, he deserved his ejection.
    You absolutely cannot argue balls and strikes.

  35. Rachel8:22 AM

    The fact that you know him pretty much sums up why you defend him. And throwing in that he's a good family man and friend has nothing to do with what a horrible job he did.

  36. "Read rule 9.02a"

    The Bible has lots of rules that people are left to their good judgment to intrepret as to when they need be applied.

    If a priest continues to dish out unreasonable penance that did not fit the sin committed, do you think that he would stay in good standing?

    The fact is that the purpose of having rules and an umpire to intrepret the rules is to ensure that it's a fair contest. Sure, he's human and will make mistakes, but the players and coaches need to be allowed to object when they believe that a mistake has been made. If it does not delay the game unreasonabley - or become profane, it's the umpire's responsibility to hear them out and keep the people in the game. If an umpire takes the stance that he never makes a mistake and cannot be questioned, he never learns to improve.

    By the way...

    Is a runner who "steals" home breaking the 7th commandment?

  37. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Hey Murphy, you got a thing for the Bible, huh?

    Yeah, the runner is committing a sin. Hell, he's probably working on a Sunday. Point is, the Bible isn't the rulebook, the rulebook is. Only book that's holy once you're on the field.

    And there's a damn good reason why you're not allowed to argue balls and strikes: The game would take 6 hours instead of 3.

    The ump made a mistake on a close play at home. It happens, he's only human. But the fact is, whether he got it right or wrong, he should let the catcher have his say. Let him tell his side. Then calmly say he saw it differently. He tossed Redmond way too soon.

    But, that being said, everything after that was fine, in my opinion.

    Managers love getting ejected, makes them seem tough. If a manager gets thrown you can pretty much assume it was justified. And both managers got to talk for long enough before being given the heave-ho.

    As for Varitek, the ump probably should have tossed Beckett before Varitek even got the chance to stand. But arguing balls and strikes? See ya! And he let Varitek have his say before he ejected him. I'd say he didn't toss him soon enough, especially compared to Redmond.

    Oh, and the call was correct, it was a ball. Varitek was trying to frame so many pitches in that game, the ump probably got disgusted by it. I'm sure he missed some other calls (notably the play at the plate), but that pitch was called correctly.

    By the way, as I probably didn't come off that way, I'm a Red Sox fan. Glad we won. But the Red Sox have little to complain about. I only feel bad for Redmond. And I feel the ump bashing is a bit extreme, especially in regards to the other ejections.


  38. I know Todd very well. He did not go to Harry wendelstedt's School. It was Jim Evans academy of professional umpiring in 1999. If you have not ever umpired a game before you have no idea what to do. You don't know when to eject. Todd is very good on WHEN TO EJECT, so if he thought it was time to eject. THAN IT WAS TIME. I worked with Todd. He is very good, and he should be working in the bigs. BUT all of you people would have him fired because he didn't do it the way you would have. Have you ever umpired a game before? Have you ever umpired a game in the Pros before? Have you ever umpired a MLB Game before? If you can answer yes to all. YOU MAY POST!

  39. Anonymous4:45 AM

    That's real interesting, Noel.

    So the Baseball Commisioner can't have an opinion on this, The VP of Umpiring doesn't qualify and the Umpire Supervisor responsible for calling Todd up to the big leagues can't tell us what he thinks?

    None of them meet all your criteria.


  40. Nate you have a great point, BUT I didn't see their post.

  41. Anonymous7:45 PM

    tichenor is a no good bastard! Why the hell does this piece of shit even have a job?

  42. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Anybody who can defend the work of a second rate hack ought to be ashamed of themselves. I don't care how well you know someone or if you were in fact room mates at some shity umpire school. Tichenor is awful and has shown no respect for the game, it's fans or its players so why in the hell should anybody show any respect for him.

    As an umpire you should not expect to be told that you did a great job. As a matter of fact not being noticed by the fans should be your goal. Sure things are going to happen during the course of a season but the last thing our game needs is another less than marginal umpire with an ego as large as the Yankees payroll.

    Regardless of what they are teaching in umpire school today the fact remains that the umpire should never determine who wins or loses. Having a bad ump on a baseball field is about as good for the game as having a bad cop on the streets in your neighborhood.

    From what I have seen Tichenor would be the biggest dope slinging ass hole on the force.

  43. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Nobody ever said umpiring was easy. Especially with your eyeballs in your pockets. Your head up your ass and Noels Junk in your jowls.

    With all of that working against Tichenor he some how still manages to reach the pinnacle of his profession.

    That only leaves one question. Who does he have dirt on.

  44. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I know Todd really well I have umpired with him doing college games in the off-season. The story goes that the reason they all were ejected was that they all, except Varitek, questioned his judgement. The night before the game, MLB issed a memo stating that all umpires are not to let this go at all cost and there be a zero tolerance on all umpire judgement calls, clean up the game! The coaches and players also got this memo. Mike redmond questioned his judgement EJECTED! Twins SKIP protecting his player... questioned his Judgement EJECTED! Francona was out there protecting his players and he questioned his judgment EJECTED! Beckett was arguing balls and stikes and Todd told him to get back on the mound and shut his mouth. I know for a fact that Todd didn't miss a single pitch that inning! MLB has cameras all over the strike zone to evaluate the umpires zone. Even umpires who hear not a peep from either dugout still get reprimanded becuase they had missed maybe 3 pitches. Pressure, try to have that pressure on you! Coaches get those evaluations as well! As for Varitek getting tossed, he was sticking up for Beckett becuase he knew that Beckett had crossed the line. Jason told Todd that to toss him and leave Beckett in. That's what catchers do! Todd is a rookie still and he knows that if he doesn't make that call and the other calls he will be seriously judged and evaluated to fullest extent (insubordiant for not doing his job, getting the call right, he gets FIRED). People...There is only one way in this league and that is up not back down. They get someone else to do the job. Do your research on the life of an athelete compared to an official. In both positions of the sport one makes it faster and gets paid more, the other is no more than a typical staff member of the MLB that makes crucial decisions at ground zero. Todd is a great umpire and man is he good, really smooth! Great guy and family man! I love him! "Thata Boy Tich go get'em"!
    It would be awesome if all fans and most players and coaches could take a test on the ethics and overall rules of the game of baseball before they enter the ball park, but that will never happen becuase we still need idiots to fill the seats!

  45. That's a nice post.

    He blew the call and should never have thrown out Redmond.
    I don't care if he is a nice guy. His throwing out Redmond was an asshat stupid call.


  46. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Tichenor "strikes" again! Here we are two years later and I, as a Yankee fan, was just passing through the 5/1/11, Sox vs.Seattle when I watched in amazement as Tichenor rings up Lowrie, bases full, on a fastball (never near the plate) that was a foot outside. Then, Wakefield pitching in the bottom of the inning, he completely misses a knuckler that clearly dances over the plate. How can MLB keep this guy employed????

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  48. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Well the good thing is that Todd was just promoted to full time major league up today! So I guess he has done some things right in the eyes of the league. Maybe they did deserve to be thrown out!!

  49. I saw the game. They didn't

  50. I say the game too, and whether they did or not they argued a call that was right. They should keep their mouth shut and they would not have to worry about it.

  51. Also, to you idiots out there, if you knew anything at ALL about the game and what umpires are supposed to do you would know that NO ONE can argue a ball or strike. NO ONE. If you don't like it, tough, you can't argue. I saw the stuff in question. Players and coaches should have kept their mouth shut. Some of you fans are just down right stupid and should keep your mouths shut if you don't know anything about the game. You may think you know it all but really you are kind of stupid. Listen to what others have said. The umpire heads have said to not take any crap from the players or managers. If they don't listen to that they will also get reprimanded. I normally don't side with umpires but with this I do.

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