Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Do we reallllllly need a conclusion of the Nationals/Astros game?

I watched part of this horrific display of alleged Major League Baseball today.

Two teams in the commuter lane to a 100 loss season basically said "After you" "No I insist, after you" all game long.

Bases loaded walks and hit by pitchers. Players throwing to the wrong base on bunt plays. Leads coughed up. Runners not moved up.

It ended 10-10 in the 11th, and maybe it should just stay that way.

Neither team deserved to win this game and there was poetic justice that, as of this writing, neither team did.

Why complete it?

Will this affect the pennant race?

The only race it appears to have any effect on is the "Who will pick first in the draft?" race.

There were no winners in that game.
Let's leave it that way.

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