Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to the pennant race, Pablo Sandoval

I'm going to try and not go TOO nuts over Pablo Sandoval's 2 out, 3 run, come from behind walk off homer to win the game for the Giants last night.

It was against the Nationals... a team that is so bad that they made the Marlins look like the 1984 Tigers when they faced off.

And it was off of Joe Beimel... a pitcher so stupid he got into a bar fight before a playoff game and had to be removed from the post season roster while with Los Angeles.

But this is a critical time for the Giants. They are on a three game winning streak including a pair of thrillers. They are only two back of the Dodgers in the loss column and the Dodgers are in a bad spot without #99. 

And I don't mean Barbara Beldon.

The Giants are unlike most teams in baseball. So many are searching for pitching... the Giants have a rotation that might be good enough to win the pennant, especially if Barry Zito continues to finally earn his money.

Seriously, what team wouldn't want a rotation of Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and an improved Barry Zito. Randy Johnson is the #4.

Their bullpen is adequate but not great.

But their lineup is scary... for Giants fans.

I have been saying to my dad, as big a Giants fan as you will meet, that they need to pick up a bat now.

Not at the July deadline.
Not at the All Star Break.

NOW! Before you finish reading this sentence, the Giants should pick up a first baseman or an outfielder.

This is the best chance that they will have all year to catch up to the Dodgers. The Rockies and Padres are in disarray and who knows what is happening in Arizona.

The Giants can make this a race.

Which brings us to Pablo Sandoval. The rookie third baseman has a chance to emerge as the centerpiece of the lineup. And the Giants desperately need someone NOT named Bengie Molina to carry the weight of the offense.

And maybe last night was the beginning of the Sandoval era. Maybe last night he served notice that the Giants are going to score some runs and become a pennant contender.

Or maybe he hit a homer off of an overrated Washington Nationals pitcher.


  1. If we are being technically correct here, Sully, then Sandoval is not actually a rookie this year as he had over 130 at-bats last year... because he obviously would have been the pick for rookie of the year by many people if we was indeed a rookie. Not tryin to bring you down, just saying.

  2. as a life long giants fan all i will say is that its too early, they need to prove they can win over good and bad teams thru the whole year. but that walk shot was badass, no matter who it was against.