Sunday, May 03, 2009

Oakland is going to regret this game

The A's are doing everything in their power to make my picking them to win the whole Kit and the Kaboodle look bad.

Today's 15 inning marathon is the latest loss... one where they had leads in the 9th and a 3 run lead in the 13th and were 1 strike from victory...

And they found wonderful ways to blow it.

Rajai Davis had possibly the worst jump a center fielder ever had on the game winning hit and two things became clear:

1. The A's can grind their teeth all they want after this game... but they need to go on a winning streak or they'll be kicking themselves on a lost opportunity this year.


2. The Mariners have my attention. With the Angels bullpen a wreck and their lineup not exactly intimidating, the Rangers are... well... the Rangers and the A's can't get out of their own way... the Mariners could indeed be for real.

I know it's early, but it isn't THAT early.

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  1. maybe the A's should have addressed other needs besides signing old injury prone player on there last legs?