Thursday, May 07, 2009

Slow news day, huh?

And to think I was all ready to break down the Royals/Mariners afternoon game as a matchup of surprisingly hot teams!

OK, I will write about Manny.

There's a LOT to write about Manny.

Let me organize my thoughts.

(I know... I know... why start now?)


  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    You should put him in a Red Sox uniform. That's how I like to remember him.


  2. You shouldn't go into one of your usual rants against "cheating." Your opinion on steroid use is a valid one and you are entitled to it, but there isn't any evidence that Manny did anything other than take a legally prescribed medication that was banned by the drug policy.

    Sorry to jump the gun, but I think that needed to be said.

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  4. It is notable that Manny tested positive for a "performance enhancing drug" as defined by MLB, we do not know what that exact substance was. Nonetheless, remember that Manny did not appeal the suspension at all.

  5. i'm sure the racist latino-hating boston sports media will be laughing about this one. steroids or not, he still brought them two world series titles.

    i wish he was busted for weed instead.

  6. Yahoo sports is reporting that it is a testosterone enhancer used for erectile disfunction. I guess it really is a performance enhancing drug!