Sunday, May 17, 2009

Night is day... Up is down... and Julio Lugo is good

Has anyone else noticed that Julio Lugo has played really really well since coming off of the DL?

Is that a sign of the apocalypse?

I mean isn't it a fact that Lugo is one of Theo Epstein's rare missteps?

Wasn't his 4 year $36 million contract worthy of constant head shaking?

Didn't we all give a sigh of relief when Lugo got hurt last year and Jed Lowrie started playing full time?

Now he's batting .333?
He has an OPS of .866?

He had a 5 hit game the other day and made a few nice defensive plays?

He seems to be on base when homers are hit?

How strange is this? When I saw Gil Velasquez in the game last night, I thought "Oh no! What happened to Lugo???"

If this works out and Lugo winds up having a terrific season, I will believe that Theo is incapable of error.

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