Monday, May 11, 2009

Nice to hear from Lou Merloni again

Framingham Lou Merloni has been yapping about Red Sox doctors talking about steroids during his cuddly "They're not saying Booooo" tenure with the Red Sox.

I have no reason to think he isn't telling the truth. What the truth is seems to a smidge murky. Were the doctors warning the players against steroids or were they telling the players "if you take them, here's a safer way to do it."

Nobody can accuse Merloni of being a juicer as he hit 14 homers in 9 seasons... but I have a feeling you will be hearing more and more of these stories over the next few years.

And they will come from players like Lou... who made a few hundred thousand grand a year (nothing to sneeze at) but saw other players cash in seven figure checks while doing something that was illegal.

I'm not saying Lou is bitter. I'm saying he probably thinks the air should be clear and make it clear that maybe the different organizations weren't so completely innocent.

As a Red Sox fan, of course I realize that brown storm that is brewing. People are already implying that '04 and '07 are tainted. (Of course that means EVERY World Champ since 1995 should be scrapped as well...)

But we Sox fans shouldn't complain. We've gotten away scott free up to now in this whole steroid mess while employing some players who should be on people's "I think HE is" list.

Maybe Lou is doing the right thing. 
It's not like he has any endorsements on the line by doing this.

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