Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hey A's... you are making me look really stupid

Seriously. I went out on a limb in my preseason picks to say not only were you going to sneak past the Angels to win the West... but your combination of young talent, savvy veterans and "Why not us?" gusto would go all the way.

I picked you guys to win the whole thing.

Well the Angels have done their part by stumbling into mid May... but you guys are flopping like a trout on the dock.

Second worst team in the A.L.?


This is how you repay your pal Sully?

I'm not an A's fan, but I don't want to look like a total fool for my picks.

(Then again, I picked the Cardinals to make the post season, so I'm looking smart there.)


  1. Maybe if you write blogs like this one, the A's will have a tremendous game like they did yesterday...

    Please consider it.

  2. they seem more like a .500 team this year