Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I guess Jake Peavy knew something that we didn't!

I thought it was odd when Jake Peavy rejected the trade to the White Sox.

He had a chance to leave a team that seemed destined to be a non contender and go to a defending Division Champ playing in a totally winnable division.

But I thought "Hey, he'd be leaving a ballpark that pads his stats to go to a launching pad and face the DH."

Then I thought "He'd be leaving the only organization he ever knew."

And I also thought "He's a married man with kids, and San Diego is a much nicer place in the summer than Chicago." That is not a knock against Chicago. I love Chicago. How many "Transplanted San Diegans" do you know?

And I remember he's making $6 million a year.

And he's 11 wins away from passing the late Eric Show as the all time wins leader in San Diego Padres history.

Guess what? There's another factor:


They followed up a 6 game losing streak that got the front office thinking fire sale and no doubt got manager Bud Black updating his resume with a 10 game winning streak!

Including the amazing comeback from a 7-1 deficit in yesterday's game

Suddenly the White Sox are sub .500 and the Padres have a winning record.

And while the Dodgers are running away with the West, the Padres are only 3 games behind Wild Card leading St. Louis.

And none of the teams ahead of the Padres (the Cardinals, the Reds, the Mets and the Braves) exactly look like the 1927 Yankees.

What I am saying is Peavy might as well stay put.

Maybe the Padres will make a deal to improve their team.

Maybe they'll deal with the White Sox!

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