Thursday, May 28, 2009

So it has come to this...

Remember when the Red Sox went on that awesome 11 game winning streak and the Yankees were wetting their pants and letting up 14 runs in the second inning?

That's all over now. 

Just a few days ago the Red Sox were the best team in the American League.
Now they are tied.

It's a clean slate and the Division Race begins today. (And yes I am discounting the freefalling Blue Jays and the underachieving Rays.)

Each team has 115 games to play.

The magic number for both teams is 116.

Maybe head to head match ups will come into play like it did in 2005.
Hmm... which team is up 5-0 in head to head match up? I don't remember.

And here... we.... go!

1 comment:

  1. I really do not think My Yankees will stay in this, BUT if they do the Law of Averages would suggest that the Yankees and Red Sox will play fairly even throughout the year
    Say the Red Sox take 10 of 18.
    That means the Yankees will go 8-5 vs the sox thus gaining 3 games, If they play even throught the rest of the year that would say the Yankees finish 3 games ahead.
    But I still the Yankees pitching to Collapse with only C c Sabathia being solid.