Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My fellow Red Sox fans... bottle this feeling

There is going to be a time not so long from now that the Red Sox will be scuffling.

There is going to be a stretch where they teeth grinding games are going to pile up and it seems like no ball bounces our way.

There will be a time that Francona makes some bizarre managerial decisions and the bullpen will blow an unblowable lead.

When that happens just remember how good it feels right now.

The Red Sox have won 15 out of 19 games, including all 5 against the Yankees.

And they did it with shaky performances by Josh Beckett. 

They did it with Daisuke Matsusaka on the disabled list. 

They did it with David Ortiz hitting a grand total of zero homers.

They did it with Kevin Youkilis sitting out the last game against the Yankees.

They did it with heroics from Jonathan Van Every, Jeff Bailey and Nick Green.

In other words, they may have some better baseball left in them.

And tomorrow they face Carl Pavano. Hopefully there will be more good feelings to bottle.


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    There is no doubt the Red Sox will have a bad run against them, but there is a time when the organization will have to realize some players are not as good as they may think. Lester sh*t the bed once again, and appears to only be able to go 3 to 4 innings. Time to trade him before unable to. About now a bag of new balls is all he's worth.

  2. So best trade him for 2 cents on the dollar?

    Does Theo strike you as a panic move GM?

    Give him a few more starts... if all hell breaks loose, we can pretend he has an injury and bring in Bowden, Buchholz and Smoltz!