Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Devil is possessing the Rays

Remember how the Rays had shed the Devil from their name and suddenly became great contenders?

It seems like whenever they play the Red Sox, Tampa Bay looks like the most talented young team in the league.

Well, it looks like the Devil is back!

30% of the way through the season and the Rays are only a game ahead out of the basement.

It's early, but it isn't THAT early.

And let's take this series against the Indians... PLEASE!

If you are a team that has playoff aspirations (and I would assume the Defending American League Champs would fall into this category!!) how do you climb out of a sub .500 hole?

The best way is to beat up the bad teams.
You know, like the Indians, who were the worst team in the American League when Tampa wandered in.

And here's another tip... when you take a 10-0 lead in a game, try to hold it.

And if you should shockingly cough up a 10-0 lead and end the game with a ninth inning that featured 5 walks and 7 runs, make sure you don't cough up another big lead...

Like yesterday when the Rays took a 5 run lead in the first and lost 12-7.

It's not THAT early and if the Rays want to get back into the race, they can no longer lose games that look like laughers for them!

Unless they really ARE the Devil Rays again!