Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Battle of Florida has ELECTRIFIED the Sunshine State

Hey Kid... you want to maybe grab an aisle seat? I don't think they are coming.

When you consider that the Marlins had their 11-1 start and the Rays have so many dynamic young stars and seem to play everyone tough, it is amazing to realize that after today's thriller, NEITHER Florida team is above .500 on Memorial Day Sunday!

The Defending AL Champion Rays go into Memorial Day dead even at 23 wins and 23 losses.

Meanwhile the dynamic Marlins improved to 20-25. They are 9-24 since that incredible start.

Yet I still find the Marlins to be fascinating... and I stand by my prediction that they will win 90 games.

They need to start winning.
Today was a good start.

I'm sure the guy sitting in the stands there was thrilled.

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