Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ahhh yes... the SLUGGING Giants!

This is how people imagined the Giants moving into a tie for a playoff spot late in the season, right?

With their big bats blasting home runs and overcoming their underwhelming starting pitching staff.

That's just how the team was designed right? With the same blue prints as the Texas Rangers of the late 1990s: Bombs away!

Don't complain Giant fans. There are no ugly wins at this point of the season. And if they need to bludgeon the opposition for W's in late August, take them with a smile.

I said this last Sunday if the Giants weathered this storm and stayed within striking distance of a playoff spot, they'll have a chance with a relatively easy September.

Well as long as the Phillies don't score runs for Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt is in left field, they could be in first place by themselves before you can light a candle to the memory of Bobby Thomson.

There are no ugly wins nor honorable losses.
Pile up the Ws and hope the pitching comes back.

Go for the sweep tomorrow.

And remember, when you think "Explosive offense" you think San Francisco Giants baseball!

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