Thursday, August 19, 2010

I guess Big Mac is smarter than the Rocket

Remember how we all made fun of Big Mac's "I'm not here to talk about the past" line that he kept saying over and over to Congress?

He looked like a big dumb jock who was trying to weasel his way out of trouble, didn't he? And he looked even worse with his cringe worthy pathetic and half baked apology interview he gave last January that I couldn't even finish.

Well McGwire is no Mensa candidate, but man he was smarter than Roger Clemens.
Here's something Clemens should have written on his hand as a reminder:

You are better off looking stupid than lying.

And another thing:

Your drug dealer has nothing to lose by telling the truth.

You should have taken my advice and learn the two words "No Comment."

This story makes me sad... I think more sad than most Red Sox fans. Clemens was always my favorite Red Sox when he was on the team, and I wore a Blue Jays cap the days he pitched.

Yeah I rooted against him as a Yankee, but I would have rooted against Jesus Christ if he played for the Yankees.

Clemens, like Bonds, was a Hall of Famer before he mysteriously got bigger and stronger in his late 30s. McGwire wasn't. McGwire was a Dave Kingman, slugger with a low batting average whose career would have been over around 1993 or 1994. Then he got healthy and BOOM! Became the Charles Van Doren of baseball.

Clemens being indicted doesn't mean he is convicted. But it gives the vote AGAINST him more weight.

Roger... Roger... Roger... Why couldn't you have been content with fame, fortune and immortality?

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  1. I am not sureabout this, But was Clemens a HOFer with lust his Red Sox numbers? The way he became great again after he looked done with 4 mediocre seasons in Boston.
    One can conclude he started juicing after the 1996 season

    Just asking

  2. Clemens knew he had to say something because he had a lot to lose in endorsements and a Hall of Fame berth as well. But he was a complete idiot to lie in front of Congress. No HoF for him for sure if he does time.

  3. Sad. Never was a big Clemens fan, but I had to respect his competitiveness on the field. I was suprised when I read this. They spend years chasing Bonds and they end up indicting Clemens???? They must have some solid evidence against him or the govt. is going to look like an idiot(as if it needs any more help).