Monday, August 30, 2010

Really, A's?

Seriously... you put a 3 spot in the first inning on the Yankees with your best pitcher, Trevor Cahill on the hill, and you can't even hold the lead for ONE INNING?

You make a 10 game winner out of Javier Freaking Vazquez?

You call this being a spoiler and making a run at a winning season?

Seriously, A's... don't you know you serve at the pleasure of Red Sox fans?

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  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Hey Sully,
    Don't blame Trevor Cahill for losing to the Yankees. They are a very hard team to beat. And as for Vazquez, don't insult the guy. He has more wins the that Dice-K guy that you worship even though Dice-K is a starter and Javy is in the bullpen. I'd like to see you pitch better to the Yankees then Trevor Cahill did.

  2. Anonymous sounds like a great guy. :-)
    This was the win Cahill needed to make a real push for the Cy Young - If this game was played in Oakland, the score would have been closer - Yankees have one of the cheapest right field home run fields ever... then again, so does Boston.

  3. Well, Anonymous ... let me point out a few flaws in your post, can I?

    - Yes, I realize the Yankees are a hard team to beat. They have the best record in baseball along with Tampa Bay. I was needling the A's for not even being able to hold a 3 run lead for an inning with their ace on the mound.

    - As for not insulting Vazquez... um, why not? You pointed out that Vazquez was in the bullpen. Wasn't he acquired to be the #2 or #3 starter?

    I wrote back in 2008, before the Braves got him, that his whole career was based upon 2 or 3 years of success and about 8 mediocre seasons.

    And when the Yankees got him back, I wrote about what a terrible idea it was based on his first go round with the Yankees.

    He started off terribly and pitched himself out of the starting rotation. So, I think that he isn't immune to criticism.

    "He has more wins that that Dice-K guy that you worship even though Dice-K is a starter and Javy is in the bullpen"

    Um... first of all, when do I WORSHIP Dice-K?

    I've compared him to a David Lynch film and to Derek Lowe.

    Dice-K has had a bizarre season where he pitches great until he has one insanely bad inning that torpedoes the whole game.

    Please cut and paste the posts where I WORSHIP him.

    "I'd like to see you pitch better to the Yankees then Trevor Cahill did."

    Ah yes... the always moronic "Let's see you do it" argument. Always the staples of people who sign their posts Anonymously.

    OK, fine... let's see YOU string together a series of thoughts and sentences that don't make you look like a buffoon.

    Give it a whirl.

  4. I wish Blogspot had a like button for posts like FB, Great response Sully

  5. Thanks for not disecting my post buddy... I'm just an ailing A's fan... Royals helping us out and we're not taking advantage...ah baseball

  6. A's suck, harsh but true...moving on..