Monday, August 30, 2010

There's just nothing to write about the Clemens case

I got a bunch of e mails asking what my take was on Clemens pleading not guilty today.

Here's what it is:

It's sad and EVERYONE on the planet Earth knows how this is going to end except Roger Clemens.

When Pete Rose comes across as a beacon of wisdom, you know we are heading towards a sad ending to... let's face it... a wonderful career.

What else can you say about this?

He's a big stubborn S.O.B.
That's what made him great and that's what's going to bring him down.

How is this going to end?
Christ, just watch Raging Bull.

(Spoiler alert!)

It isn't a happy movie.

(Although I would like to see Fat Rocket doing the speech into the mirror at the end.)

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