Friday, August 27, 2010

Alright Red Sox... you are either in or you are out... right now

They need to win tonight.

It is the definition of a must win. Lester on the hill coming off a grotesque outing.

Going into Tampa to face David Price and the Rays.

If this season is going to amount to anything, they have to win this series.

I mean a sweep would be awesome, but 2 out of 3 is essential and our nominal ace is going tonight.

A sweep would put the Sox 2 1/2 back, 3 in the loss column of a playoff spot with a month to go.

Winning the series would put the Sox 5 games back in the loss column.

Losing the series would mean the Sox would be 7 games back in the loss column.

A Rays sweep would make it a 9 game gap in the loss column and time to shut down the veterans.

Win tonight and I'll get excited.
If not, the year might be done.

No pressure.

I don't often quote Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald... but THIS IS IT.

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  1. Lester / Bard/ Papelbon came through. VMart dingers x2. THIS IS IT part 2, tomorrow.