Saturday, August 28, 2010


With the Phillies win and the Giants loss last night, San Francisco fell BEHIND the Phils for the Wild Card hunt.

The Giants need to bear down and get into a winning streak, and I think it might be time to do something that would have been unimaginable just a few months ago:

I think the Giants should skip Tim Lincecum's next start.

Yup... it's come to this.
Yes yes I know he only let up one run after the three run first inning bomb to Adam LaRoche... but he's down to 11-9 and frankly is pitching like a SUB .500 pitcher.

Last week my dad said to me they should skip Lincecum's start and I thought he was doing a knee jerk reaction to a loss to St. Louis.

But lock down aces need to throw better than 6 innings, 4 runs, 4 walks.
Lock down aces don't go on legit 5 game losing streaks.

I'm not talking about someone like Cole Hamels having a massive run of bad luck.

Lincecum is pitching BADLY.
And the great irony is he could be the person who keeps the Giants OUT of the playoffs after assuming all year that he would be the person to get them INTO October.

I say skip a start... something is messed up in his head and he needs to get his thinking straight.

It's tough to do when you can't shake a losing streak.

Maybe he should call Bengie Molina.

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